Big U Saved

Deborah Kogan

Jan 29, 2003
An agreement has just been signed with Crystal Cruises. They will be working to restore and make the S.S.U.S. seaworthy again. I got an e-mail from the SSUS Conservancy. The announcement was made today at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. They will be working with the Conservancy. They are looking at possible itineraries, including transatlantics again. I am so happy! I will miss seeing her in Philadelphia, though..


May 30, 1999
My dad traveled first class on the SS United States from the same route as Titanic (with the exceptions of Cherbourg and Queenstown obviously) when he was a kid back in the 50s. He said it was from his dad's business trip to India (he also traveled to Egypt,Italy,France, and other countries along the Middle East and Mediterranean before reaching England)

Doug Criner

Dec 2, 2009
I tend to think that SS United States has only the hull left - and even it might not be in too great shape. From photos I've seen, the passenger areas have been stripped. The propulsion machinery, if not stripped, would be worthless and unusable. Same with various controls. Scrap it. Otherwise, somebody please take the hull and spend more money to somehow make it a going concern, complying with modern requirements.

It could be made into a stationary museum, charging $10 admission. Many of us here would gladly pay it, but many more could care less.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
It's not going to happen. On 8 August Crystal Cruises announced that it will not take over the ship. Reports show the hull is still quite strong but obstacles to getting the ship going are too great. Fitting modern engines would require major rebuilding of the hull and there are questions of stability. I assume that's because of changes to the upper decks and the addition of modern lifeboats. Crystal Cruises will donate $1,000,000 to the conservancy organisation, which will cover costs for a while.

Using the ship as a floating museum would require special changes to security arrangements. Because she's docked at a working port it's next to impossible to visit her. Occasionally special arrangements are made for major supporters to visit, but the general public can only view her from a distance.

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