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Bill Parke

Oct 22, 1998
Hi Everyone,

What a great resource this message board is!

I am a history buff. I serve as the church historian for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, NY, which occupies a nearly 100-year old church building designed by Edward A. Kent, Architect and Titanic Passenger.

The 150th anniversary of Mr. Kent's birth is in February, 2004. To mark that occasion, I am researching Mr. Kent's experience on the Titanic and hope to do a historical exhibit about him at the church. Here is what I know so far:

He was travelling first class. He was a member of the writers' group, "Our coterie", with Helen Churchill Candee, Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, Edward Pomeroy Colley, Hugh Woolner, J. Clinch Smith and Mauritz Håkan Björnström-Steffansson. It appears he was a friend of Ms. Candee. He helped save people and behaved honorably in the moments leading up to his drowning. He is buried in Buffalo, NY.

I am trying to find answers to some questions about Mr. Kent:

1. He is featured in the December 1976 (Vol II, No XII) issue of The Titanic Commutator, with his picture on the cover and an article "Edward Kent, TITANIC Hero", by Clara B. Warchol. Has anyone seen this article who can tell me about it (how long is it? is it richly researched?) I'm thinking of purchasing it from the Titanic Historical Society.

2. Does Mr. Kent appear anywhere in James Cameron's movie Titanic? Has anyone tried to cross-reference the people who appeared in the movie with the real passengers? Is there a list or web site somewhere in which this has been done?

I would be grateful for any assistance.


Bill Parke
Buffalo, NY

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