Bill Wormstedt

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Mar 18, 2000
My name is Bill and I'm a Titaniholic ….

No wait, somebody already said that!

I started out as a child ….

Damn! That's took too!

Like very many others, it was Lord's book "A Night to Remember" which got me interested in Titanic - I borrowed it from the school library in '63 or '64. I also remember catching "Titanic (1953)" and "A Night to Remember" on TV. When the Titanic was rediscovered in '85, I got re-interested. In 1995, I found the Titanic community on the Internet, with John Davis' old mailing list.

Someone on that list asked if there was a crew list available; though passenger lists were easily found at that time, crew lists were on the rare side. Luckily, I had a copy of the US Inquiry Final Report, which included a crew list. I finally typed it all in, and made it available thru the list. Oh - and I also included crew names from other sources, if for no other reason than to say the names were questionable as to whether they were really on the Titanic.

When Phil Hind was originally creating this site, either he asked, or I offered to supply 'my' crew list. Later on, I did some of the original crew biographies for E.T, was one of the transcribers for the Titanic Inquiry Project, and created my own Titanic web-site, once I figured out some subjects to talk about that hadn't been done to death. E.T. has gone well beyond what I supplied at that time.

Interestingly, I see 'my' original Titanic crew list is still floating around - I've seen it many times on multiple sites, with no credit to me, of course. It even appeared as the crew list in that horrible book "Total Titanic" by Marc Shapiro (don't get me started on that!). It is easy to spot, given the extra names I added to it.

It's nice to see so many names I know here!

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
G'day, Bill -

Great to see you finally show up on the intro's page...although you're one of the identities here that doesn't need too much of an intro.

For the uninitiated, Bill's one of the more remarkable researchers and writers in the on-line community.

My sympathies over your purloined material, btw...I know how that feels :)

Best wishes,

Sep 12, 2000
Dear Bill,
Welcome to the Introduction Section although it seems that you have been everywhere else, it is nice to "meet you".

I personally wish to thank you for providing all that data on the crew because that is where my primary interests lie.

Copyrights and original works being used and abused by others is a sad thing. Here it seems that Phil tries to do everything possible to warn folks of violating other's materials.

I look forward to your many contributions here and to meeting you in the future.

Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000
Hey, Bill,

Ditto to what everyone else said above me. I may also add that Bill, in his webpage, is one of the ONLY people who deals with controversial issues regarding Titanic totally objectively. He takes great pains to make sure both sides are presented in full force.

Plus, he's one hell of a researcher.

Always a treat to see you, sir.

Best regards,
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Hello Bill, let me make you blush some more and say that I'm very impressed with your website. I'm sorry to hear that some of your material has been stolen, but copyright violations are...unfortunately...a huge problem on the Internet.

You wouldn't happen to have any books published or in the works would you? With joyboys like Pilligrano running around loose out there, I'm always on the prowl for some material that I can actually trust.

Michael H. Standart
Mar 18, 2000
Thanks for the compliments, Michael!

No books published or in the works - like many other Titanic researchers, time for Titanic is hobby time; on top of job, family, and another big hobby! It'd probably take me 5 years to write a book - even assuming I came up with a good subject to write on.

I do, however, have another article in the works. I hope it'll see the light of day within the next 6 months.

George Behe

Dec 11, 1999
Bill -- will be in touch with you again soon. (I'm unable to access my email from here -- the warden won't let me.) :)

And I thought we had a lot of snow there in Mt. Clemens! Sheesh!

"On, King! On, you huskies!" (Now where did I put those darn snowshoes?) :)

All my best,


Tad G. Fitch

Dec 13, 1999
Uh oh... Watch out or the "warden" may catch on that you have found a way to bypass the security grid and send messages to the outside world despite being in lockdown, haha! ;) Bill's right though, we're not going anywhere. Sounds like the weather is great by you. From the sounds of it, I should be asking you if the Northern Lights are as magnificent to see in person as they are to see in photographs, haha.
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