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Odd topic but i thought it worth while, since Roy Mengot passing iv been concerned that his pages with in most cases exclusive info regarding the wreck and photo's from 1985/86 and while the can do lots, many images may disappear over time. Thus this inspired me to go in and archive evrey page/image on the site for future people to look at. Below is the link to the entire site for future Titanic Buffs
Wormstedt Archive.7z
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Mark Baber

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In addition to Roy's, Bill's web site, Bill Wormstedt's Titanic , now houses a number of invaluable resources such as George Behe's Titanic Tidbits and Michael Tennaro's Titanic Book site. A great service to the Titanic community.
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Hello all,

Recently I noticed that Roy Mengot's page in Wormstedt's site is down.
Apparently all of Bill Wormstedt's site is down as well.
Does anyone know what happened?