Birthdates of the Goodwin children


Holly Peterson

I was on a geneaology website and I found the birthdates of the Goodwin children! I'm absolutely sure it was them because all their names including middle names were correct and so were the death dates and the marriage dates of their parents!
So without further ado...

Lillian was born on March 12 1896, so that she would have recently turned 16 on the Titanic.

Charles was born on May 22 1897, so he was fast approaching his 15th birthday.

William was born on August 12 1898 - meaning he was not 11 as long thought and actually 13 years old!

Jessie was born March 16 1900 - so she had recently turned 12 when she boarded the Titanic! It's as if my whole world has turned upside down - the Jessie Goodwin in my mind was 10!

Harold was born July 20 1901 - so he was the one who was ten on the Titanic!

Sidney's birth date is already on this website, but it gives a date of Christening, which was October 5th 1910.

I have also read that Frederick Goodwin confirmed these ages on the 1911 census.

I personally feel like my whole life has gone topsy-turvy ... what happened to the Goodwins I thought I knew?

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
"What happened to the Goodwins I thought I knew?"
They just got slightly older, Alzbeta. We all do. They were still kids.
Relax and enjoy life. :)
Jul 20, 2000

I am posting this on behalf of a member of the Goodwin family.

The birth dates are correct except for Harold. His was 29 July 1901.
Lilian [note only one l] did not turn 16 on the Titanic as that birthday had been in March.

The birth date of Sidney was 9 Sept 1910.

Carol asks what web-site you obtained your informations from?

Holly Peterson


I got these dates off, I believe.

What I meant to say about Lillian is that she would have turned 16 about a month before boarding the Titanic - not on the Titanic - but I guess I didn't put it too clearly. My mistake.


Holly Peterson

You're very welcome, Lester. It's a good website; I even figured out the names of my great-great-great grandparents on it! I'm just glad that the Goodwin's real ages (as far as we know) have been uncovered. It was slightly unnerving to discover that Jessie Goodwin, probably my favorite passenger, was a whole two years older than I originally thought.

James Smith

Dec 5, 2001
Hi Holly-

Bear in mind that pretty much anyone can contribute to Family Search, and so it contains numerous errors. Data on Family Search makes a great starting point for doing your own research, but everything on there needs to be double-checked against original records.