Blender Model of the RMS Titanic


Aug 20, 2018
Took a look through here and boy are there some amazing models on here. I’m finding it really hard not to try and compare myself to some of these (Emil, what rendering program did you use, cause your Nomadic renders are absolutely beautiful!). Nevertheless, I’ll try to occasionally post my progress on my own model. I’m only really doing exteriors (as attempting to do some of the detailed interiors would drive me insane).

Here are some renders I did a few days ago. Since I’ve been working on it for a few hours every day, these renders are already outdated.



Apologies for the weird shading on the center anchor’s crane. I didn’t catch it until after the render and didn’t want to take up another half an hour to render that could’ve been spent doing more work.


I’ve noticed a couple with benches don’t have that middle bit... I’m wondering if the reference I found lied to me. Also I’ve noticed my swan-neck Sirocco vents didn’t render. Ah, I’m thinking of remodeling the vents anyway



Haven’t applied the Subsurf modifier yet, so forgive my blocky looking models.


I’ve remodeled the lifeboats since making this render. I just wasn’t satisfied with this fake wood plank look. I’m just trying to figure out the placement of the plaques now.

I’m struggling to decide how detailed I want this thing to be, as I want it to be explorable, but I don’t want to lose my mind. As I said, I’ll try to remember to post updates every now and then.
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Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
Honestly she looks very good. :)

Everything looks very crisp and proportioned (although I might lower the roof over the 1st Class Smoking Room a tiny bit). Other than that she just need a few railings here and there.

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