Blue & white china pattern for second class

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Sean Tatschl

I have located the china pattern name used for second class in the Cafe Parisien. I need to know if the manufacturer of the china at the time for the White Star Line for that particular pattern was James M. Shaw & Co. or when their years of operation were.

Pat Cook

Hi Sean,

I found this in "Titanic - Triumph and Tragedy" by John Eaton and Charles Haas:

"Orders were placed for eating utinsils from the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Ltd, of Regent Street, London. The chinaware for the a la carte restaurant had been ordered from Royal Crown Derby, while Stonier and Co., of Liverpool, was busy delivering chinaware for the ship's other dining areas."

Hope this is of some help.

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Just to clear something up, The Cafe Parisien was a 1st Class room. 2nd Class didn't have any cafes. They were given four public rooms:
The Library (used as a lounge)
The Smoking Room
The Dining Saloon
a small Barber's Shop

I know the pattern that you speak of, however, and it was used in the 2nd Class Dining Saloon.

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