I’ve been looking everywhere for Bob Read’s plans, and since I can’t purchase them I want to know if anyone has his plans for the Olympic and Britannic (especially the RMS plans for the Britannic and the HMT plans for the Olympic).
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I am looking to acquire a set of Bob Read CAD plans for the Titanic. As Bob Read (Titanic-cad-plans.com) has suspended activity, I can no longer buy a set from him. So if there is someone here or if you know someone willing to sell his set I will be very grateful.

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I bought Robert Hahn's, and they feel incomplete, as there are no references to hull waterlines (top view) or buttocks lines (side view), only transverse sections (front view). If I too could acquire a set of Bob Read's plans, that would be amazing. The waterlines and buttocks lines help determine the curvature of the spaces in between each transverse section, and no hull drawing should ever be without them.

The only available set of plans that include buttocks lines AND waterlines AND transverse sections are done by Oskari Syynimaa and can be found on http://www.36ft-dream.com/plans/osp_401_hull_lines_0.2.pdf. However, there are some issues with the drawings that produce a 3D shape with bumps and valleys that don't look right when smoothed, so I'm redrawing the hull to what looks better "to me" but not necessarily exact. With Bob Read's drawings, I believe we could check our work more accurately.

Does anyone know WHY Bob Read suspended the sale of his plans? Did he die and his estate shut it down because they had no interest in continuing his legacy?

I contacted Bob Read and he provided with me an answer, regarding the suspension of selling his plans:

"There were several issues. The first is that every time I had an order to fill I had to end up driving 25 miles to get it printed. The second is that I began to experience piracy of my plans. After running the business for 7 years it just became too much of a hassle. I’m 71 and retired now and I don’t need hassles anymore."
Piracy is never good, and this is a shining example of how piracy affects everyone. It’s too bad, although I understand how the experience discouraged him from wanting to continue. He put a lot of effort into his work and deserved to be properly compensated for his time.
I'm working on modifying previous Shipbucket drawings of Olympic (1911 vers) and Titanic by D. Briedis (aka, CanisD). The problem is that I started this project only recently and Titanic CAD plans had suspended operations permanently when I started. As for why I didn't order some myself earlier. I was too young, broke and I didn't know about the existence of this site until much recent years. From what tidbits I've seen, the CAD plans are the most accurate plans for the Olympic class liners that I've ever seen.

Since I can no longer order the plans from there, I'm going to have to ask if others have copies. As in others that managed to order copies of the plans before the site hut down ordering and became defunct. I'm asking because I'm specifically after the positions of the discharges which would be along the separation line between the waterline and freeboard of both ships along the starboard side. Those holes where waste water would be ejected from the ship into the ocean.

So I'm asking, does anyone got a copy of the CAD plans for the starboard profile of the ships? Shipbucket ships are usually drawn from the starboard profile. Currently, I copied the discharge positions from the liner designs profiles, but their renditions are inaccurate and I want to change it. I don't want to leave that particular detail out.
Maybe your best bet would be to ask Bob Read himself through e-mail for some plans. If not Hahn's is your best bet, with some self-modifications if you want to make Olympic or Britannic.
Although making an R.M.S (not H.M.T) Olympic wouldn't be much different than Titanic, since they were near identical sister ships, besides the open B-deck and post-Titanic she would have sixty-eight lifeboats. Britannic is another story, she had many modifications such as an enclosed aft well deck, many many more lifeboats, catwalk, and boat support around the electric gantry davit-based lifeboats, and most of her stern was different than the two sisters. It would be very difficult to produce a Britannic model without proper plans. You can get 3d printed Britannic parts from model shipways for scale model kits, but building from scratch with all the details would be almost impossible. Although I do wish that I had gotten Bob's plans before discontinuation, as they are very accurate and have everything you would need to build the ship.
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I wanted to ask if anyone knows where high-quality plans for Olympic Class Ships like Bob Reads are available. I know Robert Hahn sells accurate and high-quality plans as well but is there anywhere else I could get plans for ships like Olympic or Britannic? I have been wanting to make a model of Britannic and since Bob Read's plans are discontinued it is impossible to make an accurate or good quality model of the other Olympic class ships.
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But now it's not.