Body photograph Auction

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They are now auctioning off "original" photos of the "bodies" from the Titanic.
And I thought the person selling the fake plate or the person who was selling rust from the artifacts was low.
Oh, well

Christine Geyer

Just had the morning-shock myself when I checked eBay along with my first cup of coffee. This is so sad... Anyway I wonder where this pictures has emerged at all and how it came into the hands of such a person.

The picture of the woman looked like her face was bashed in. Assuming this is genuine (where did they get it?), the photo seems to corroborate what other members have said (e.g., Bill De Sena) about the likelihood that victims would have experienced extreme physical trauma at the time of the sinking.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any lower, now this!

Michael H. Standart
Mike: You think this is lower than the Titanic capped skull they had for sale???? At least this is REAL, and look at the possibilities that with these photos, an identity may come out of it, and after all these years the number will have a name, and relatives will be able to know for sure that their loved one was buried.

We all know that these photos are out there somewhere, and have asked "What happened to them?" and I only know of a few, and those were published in the Eaton book. I have a feeling that these will trickle in when we least expect it. Sadly this is a grim chapter of Titanic, but a chapter none the less..........

Although it was tacky and disrespectful to put them up for sale on E-bay with the photos without warning for all to stare at!! It should have been an "Email me if you wish to see a photo" type thing!!

Kate: They are available as a "buy it now" at $7200 (each) for some morbidly obsessed person who HAS to have them immediately, but can be had for as little as $2500 each (the starting bid)if one is a skillful last minute bidder. Either way, it is about as distasteful as it gets.

Isn't the woman, #8, the one who was eventually identified as Wendla Heinenen?
Hi Colleen, maybe somebody can pull something off in identifying an unknown this way, but somehow, I doubt it. 89 years after the fact, it's not all that probable that there is anyone still above ground who could do it. It's not impossible, but not likely either. In any event, if that's the real concern, why doesn't the owner just publish the lot and hope for the best?

Michael H. Standart
I was unaware that it was a "known" photo. I was sort of hoping if anything it would be a lead. I thought that THS helped in identifying several unidentified graves.
James, how did you get the information? Is it the writing that I was unable to make out in the photo?
On to better things, has anyone seen the TITANIC RELIEF FUND CHECK - Feb 26, 1917 ???






I haven't run across the photos yet.

These photos must be some of those stolen from the archive in Halifax- I remember Haas and Eaton saying some of the info that had been in boxes when they first started their research which was sponsored by Arnie Watson (Roster of Valor)- was gone missing on a subsequent trip. Same thing happened to the Bayonne New Jersey cache. I wonder what else has been purloined for a private gallery or profit over time -sad to contemplate...
Colleen- For no evident reason, the connection between #8 and Wendla Heinenin was stuck in my head, so after I posted that question I checked out her entry here on ET and was able to confirm what I already half-remembered. Just why I recalled that I have no idea.

Somewhere in the ET message board archives there is a detailed account as to what became of the unidentified dead photos. I am hazy on the specifics, but as I recall there is one fairly large cache of them somewhere, and a few smaller collections elsewhere, but that no one complete set still exists. I may be wrong on that last point, but I am relying on a year old memory of something I read once. I believe that it is also mentioned, in that thread, that multiple sets of those photos might have been run to be sent to White Star agencies. If such was the case then the eBay items might not be purloined.
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