Boiler Engine casing

Derek Kaye

Jul 7, 2007
I have two questions:

1. According to the plans, the boiler casing consisted of "Boiler Casing", "Vent", "Fan Trunk" and "Fidley". Let me start with the casing. On the upper decks, was this a giant chimney? was it a series of chimneys from each boiler inside the one casing? The Vents were used to get fresh air to the lower decks. Were each of these one big vent, or were there a number of ducts inside this vent casing? The same with the Fan Trunk? The Fidley was used as a crew escape shaft and cable run. Finally, the plans imply that there was a diving wall between each of these. Is this true, or is it just showing what goes where?

2. On the Boat Deck, the Reciprocating Engine Casing has a tank room on either side. Was there a diving wall between the tank rooms and the casing, or was it just a railing?

Kind regards

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