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Boilermaker George Chisnall

Discussion in 'Boilermakers' started by Andrew J. Kahl, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Need info. on Boilermaker George Chisnall. A picture would be nice. Also what was on his body when they recovered it. Body(#111) Much obliged.
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  3. Thanks a bunch, I have been looking for his body report forever that I was beginning to think it did't exist. So thanks again Lester.
  4. What does a boilermaker do? Much Obliged.

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  5. Anna Mansawi

    Anna Mansawi Member

    Hi Andrew ..are you his relative ? He was married to Alice Hardy Day ,my 2nd cousin 3x removed ! I just found out this fascinating piece of history !! Best Regards.
  6. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    Andrew, a boiler maker is an expert in forming thick steel plate to make boilers and other industrial equipment. The plates are welded or rivetted together. In 1912 welding was coming into use, but Titanic was practically all rivetted, including her boilers.
  7. In later years George's daughter was awarded the B.E.M Medal hence (British Empire Medal). In 1946 the London Committee was going to promote her as an example of righteousness to encourage other former child dependents to follow along the same lines of being do-gooders, but fell apart as no one was interested. Most dependent families were barely living on a reasonable wage as the full grip of austerity was affecting every house hold throughout Britain. Geoge's daughter died in 1987 and her death is registered at Liverpool where she and her mother and brother remainded there all thorugh their lifes.