Book Idea on ships officers

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Lynda Franklin

With my continuing hunt for the Murdoch book by Suzanne Stormer I am really surprised that with all the titanic books out there that NO ONE HAS THOUGHT OF THIS !!How about a detailed book on all the ships officers .

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
I wouldn't say no one has thought of it, Lynda. I've been considering and discussing the possibility with others for some years. It's with half an eye to such a future project that I've been gathering information on all the deck officers. It would be quite a monumental task, however, given the lack of specific research on some of these individuals - I've had to start from scratch on Harold Lowe, for example. His own son was suprised at how little investigative work had been down on HGL before Kerri Sundberg and I showed a specific interest in this area.

I wouldn't want to be seen as too proprietorial in this area, however, and would encourage any other conscientous researcher interested in authoring such a work to tackle the project.
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