Book report on Frank Goldsmith and later life

does anyone know if any of frank goldsmith's children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren are still living today? if they are, please let me know. thanks


Denny Magdule

Sam, I'm sorry that I cannot answer your particular question. I did feel that you might be interested in learning that I met Mr Goldsmith in 1972, purely by chance. I was a volunteer ambulance member and responded on a call to transport Mrs Goldsmith to the hospital. He showed us his appreciation by signing Titanic postcards for us, which I still have today.
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Denny Magdule, USAF(Ret)
PS let me know if you would like to hear more of this story.

Denny Magdule

Sam, I was a volunteer ambulance technician with a local volunteer fire company in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, which was my hometown. I served 20 years in the US Air Force, retiring in 1993. At the time I met Mr Goldsmith, I worked full time as a news reporter at a local radio station. I asked Mr Goldsmith if he would have the time for me to sit down and interview him. I drove him out to the radio station and sat down with him and recorded an interview to be played on the station. I still have the reel of tape of his interview. I also still have the postcard with his signature on it.
In News Journal, Columbus, Ohio there was an article about Tom Goldsmith, who is grandson of
Frank. The article "Titanic experience" was printed in that paper June 16 2005. On the same date there was also an article about the Goldsmiths in News Journal, Ashland, OH. "Ashland residents family tied to Titanic" tragedy".
The obituary about Frank Goldsmith was in an Orlando Florida newspaper June 20 1982. In that I read that the filmmaker Mike Harris had interviewed Mr. Goldsmith, and was supposed to use it on one of his movies.
Hi to all. My name is Thomas Goldsmith. I am Frank J. W. Goldsmith's Grandson. As far as his three sons they are all still living. My uncle James, [Jim], lives in Urbana, Ohio he is the oldest. My father Charles, [Charlie], lives in East Millinockett, Maine. My uncle Frank, the youngest lives in Altamonte Springs, Florida. If anyone has any recordings of interviews I would like to get copies of them at my expense to let my children hear them. I own one recording presently from 1979. I would be happy to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.
Are there any copies of Frank Goldsmith's biography floating around still. I've checked my two best sources to no avail. Two libraries that are the closest to me have nothing. Any information on this subject would be appreciated.

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Ben Lemmon

Allan Wolf


I'm also looking for the Goldsmith autobiography, ECHOES IN THE NIGHT, apparently published by the THS. A reply to my recent e-mail to THS stated simply, "Sorry, I don't know." I'll continue to look and let you know if I find out anything. If you would, let me know if you happen to find a copy.

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Allan Wolf