Book Samson The Titanic Mystery ship


Arne Mjåland

According to this book issued by Yarmouth County Historical Society in 1999, Mr. Harrison`s research had awakened David Eno `s latest interest in the sinking of the Titanic. Eno was aware of Samson`s arrivals in Isafjordur April 6 and again April 20 1912. In response to this Eno was able to provide affidavits from port authorities that the dates of April 6 and April 20 were (a) the dates on which the vessel had been excepted to arrive and (b) when the Norwegian council had made an advancement payment of the Samson`s harbour fees.
However this seems peculiar, as according to the copies of the port records I have seen, Captain Carl Johann Ring on the Samson had signed both entries.
Could it be possible that he had planned to arrive there in February or March that year on those two April days?
Hvae any of you heard baout port records being filled in, signed before certain ships had arrived?
Eno`s research found that Captain Ring died on June 22 1918. The Eglantine the ship on which he was serving, was torpedoed in the North Sea. Captain Ring did not comfirm or deny the famous story first officer Henrik Naess told. Captain Ring took with him the secret to the bottom of the North Sea that June day. There is a reference to this in an article in The Washington Post Sunday June 30 1991 "The ship That Passed in the Night" by Ken Ringle.
The Samson book was available in 1999 for CAN$ 10 + postage at the Yarmouth County Historical Society.