Book The last words about the Titanic survivors

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Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
I have got the Setesdalsforlaget to make a book with that title. It contains obituaries about surviving Titanic passengers, crew members for the period 1913 to 1925. All these obituaries are collected by me.
The passengers, crew members are: Max Frí¸licher Stehli, Fredrikk W. Scott, Edward John Buly. Reginald Hardwick, John Kennedy, Alfons S. Blumer, Cathrine E. Crosby, E.M. Burns, C.H. Romaine, newspaper article about Oscar Palmquist dated April 14 1998 with reference to a newspaper article about him April 19 1925, Edwin Kimball.
Also picture taken in 2001 of Edwin Kimball s house. Copy of letter to me from the present owner of the house.
The book is not large. I did not want to make more out of it, paying out money at the moment, because I do not know how the market will react. If somebody want to buy the book. I have only got printed 10 books, but I have the option at the publisher to get more printed. Therefore everybody who may want to buy the book will be able to get it from me, but somebody may have to wait a month or two.
I have another 160 obituaries about Titanic passengers in my collection. Later I may consider issue a book about them as well. but I will first see how the interest for this is. The book has also foreword written by me.
I have to day sent a book to our book expert Michael Tennaro. I understood that he will comment the book here in ET after he has got it.
Each book will cost £15 or $ 25 or euro 20 including postage.
Oct 13, 2000
As promised, Arne sent me a copy of the trial run of his book and asked if I would make some comments about it here on ET. Without further ado, here is my review:

This slender book contains obituaries, death notices and short newspaper accounts of some of the survivors of the Titanic disaster. The author has been collecting these notices for several years and has amassed a collection of 160 of them, but only 10 are included in this book, which was printed as a trial run to see if there is sufficient interest to go forward with a larger edition.

The people covered in this edition include Max Frolicher Stehli, Fredrick W. Scott, Edward John Buly, Reginald Hardwick, John Kennedy, Oberst Alfons Blumer Totentassel, Cathrine E. Crosby, E.M. Burns, C.H. Romaine, Oscar Palmquist and Edwin Kimball.

Aside from the author’s foreword and a page explaining the contents, the rest of the book is photocopies of newsprint articles and death notices. The accounts vary in length considerably. Some accounts are quite long, and contain interesting information, others are just a few paragraphs in length, and a few are extremely brief, no more than a sentence or two. Most of them are from English language papers, although a few are in foreign languages.

Even the shortest notices take up a full page of the book, as the author has just photocopied the entire page from that newspaper and put that in the book, as is. This seems wasteful of space and I would recommend some cutting and pasting so just the actual notice is in the book. There is no need for the rest of the newspaper page, as it has nothing to do with the subject. This would also free up a lot of wasted space that could be used to include many more obituaries.

The photocopies of newspaper articles don’t stand alone well, and I would like to have seen the author include some further text of his own giving some background about the people covered. This would be particularly helpful for those notices that are very brief. There is no need for anything significant, but basic details like whether they were passenger or crew, what age were they at the time of the disaster, etc. would help the reader understand something about who each person was.

The book is very nicely bound in a maroon cloth binding, although there is no title on the covers or the spine.

My initial reaction, which I told to Arne when he approached me about this project, is that there might be interest in this kind of book, but that the content needs to be significantly enlarged.

If you are interested, I believe Arne still has some copies available for purchase.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
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