Book Thunderstruck about Marconi Invention of Wireless

May 1, 2004
I've finished reading "Thunderstruck" by Erik Larson (New York : Random House, 2006) that links the invention and Marconi's early development of wireless telegraphy (and squabbles over same) with the murder of Cora Crippen by her mousy looking little husband, Dr. H. H. Crippen.

It was an enjoyable book. Not very technical, but I probably would not have understood the jargon anyway. It should have had diagrams and more pictures to explain the arrangement of the masts and wires at Podhu and Signal Hill. (and the picture of Ethel 'in boy's clothes on the Montrose' was the one taken of her back and Crippen's.)

Has anyone else read it? What do you think?

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