Books Focusing On Titanic Crew


Christine Fincanon

Does anyone know of any books that strictly focus on the crew members....their lives before, and for those who survived, what happened to them after the sinking. What about anything on the effects that the sinking had on the city of Southampton? Thanks in advance for any input!

Trent Pheifer

Hey Christine,

One book that popped in my head that deals with the crew and Southampton is Titanic Voices: Memories from the Fateful Voyage. It is an excellent book! There are most likely others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.


Christine Fincanon

Thanks for the info, Trent. I'm going to go look for "Titanic Voices" when I'm released from the chains of work today. : o ) One of the things that I dislike about the Titanic books that I've read, is that you find so much information on the passengers, but very little on the crew.

Deleted member 173198

A belated welcome and greetings to the Board Christine!

Always a good idea to add another title to your list focusing mainly on the graves around the world. They don't only include the Passengers but also make reference to the Crew as well. The person you need to speak too is Brian Ticehurst.

Brian T where are you??

Andrew W.

Inger Sheil

Christine, I do agree with you that it would be nice to see something of a shift in emphasis to tell the crew stories. There are people working to do this - Brian Meister and Phil Gowan have made great inroads into investigating the crew lives, some of which have been previously so obscure as to leave us with little other than a name and the information on the crew agreements. When they publish their work it should go a good way towards illuminating these lives.

There are some crew biographies/autobiographies: Violet Jessop's memoirs; Gary Cooper's work on E J Smith; Yvonne Carroll's bio A Hymn for Eternity: The Story of Wallace Hartley, “Waiting for Orders”. The Story of Alexander James Littlejohn., Lightoller's autobiography Titanic and Other Ships and the Stenson biography of the Second Officer republished a few years back as The Odyssey of C H Lightoller. Have a look through the bio/autobio section on Mike Tennaro's site:

Trent's suggestion of Titanic Voices is a good one, and a couple of other books that include biographies of those who sailed, both crew and passengers, are Stephen Cameron's Belfast's Own and Senan Molony's The Irish Aboard Titanic.