Books on SS United States

Hey there,

First time post from a long time reader. Does anyone know or can recommend the best books on this liner? And where I could find them?

Any info would be most appreciated. Thanks!
There are several sources on line which can be searched, not the least of which is

Picture History of the SS United States by William H., Jr. Miller is supposed to be a pretty good photo history. There is also Ss United States by Turner Publishing Company and The Ocean's Last Greyhound: The Unfinished Saga of the SS United States by Ben Jacobs but I can't really say as I know much about them.
Hey Michael,

Thanks for the information. I was looking for personal recommendations because I'm sure about the quality of the books whenever I find them online and like everyone else, would prefer not to purchase something that might underwhelm.

Thanks for the recommendations. Any others would be appreciated as well. Thanks!