Hi everyone. I`m seeking for the book "Titanic:an illustrated history". I can`t find it here in Portugal, My parents don`t allow me to buy it online. I`ve been dreaming about that book for years but there`s no way I can find it. If someone could send it to me charging I would be very grateful. Please leave answer here or e-mail me. Thank you very much.
G'Day Brad, if you can get them, you should add the complete transcripts of both the U.S. Senate investigation as well as the British Board Of Trade Inquiry to your list. They're rather expensive, but they are essential primary sources. Also, if you can get them, the Shipbuilder Specials on the Olympic and Titanic which offers technical data which isn't all that easy to come by anywhere else.

That's quite a wish list you have, and I hope you can get the lot. A little cautionary note is appropriate though. None of them are perfect, though the authors of most try their best. So it's always a good idea to double check sources with others whenever possible. Tom MacCluskie for example makes some astonishing mistakes in his books. Example, the 55 ton anchor in Anatomy. it was actually 15.5 tons...and his misidentifying the Britannic for the Titanic in the same book in a launching photograph. Excellant photographic record though.

I'd heartily reccommend Birth Of Titanic by Michael McCaughan as a superior resource to Anatomy.
This is for Pedro from Portugal. If you send me $8.00 USD I can and will send you a paperback copy of the book you are looking for. It is a very nice copy and it is brand spanking new. Never even been read. I bought about 30 copies of it at a local bookstore and usually give them away with Titanic related purchases on eBay.

Mike Norton
[email protected]
Still available but selling fast is "The Titanic and Silent Cinema" by Stephen Bottomore. Based on extensive primary research, this book tells for the first time the full story of the Titanic and silent film - for media researchers, maritime historians, and Titanic enthusiasts.190 pages, illustrated paperback in an edition of only 500 numbered copies.

e-mail publisher: [email protected]

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