Boxhall April 11th 1912

Hi guys,
This is my first thread here. I'm writing a story about the RMS Titanic, featuring a Flemish Titanic fan who uses a time machine to travel back to 1912. He manages to get a free ticket to New York by predicting the near-disaster with the New York in Southampton. Read it on

My question is: what was Joseph Boxhall doing on April 11, hours after the departure? I know he was on duty in the afternoon, but my main character has to speak to him before midnight that day. I can't update the story until I finished this.

Thanks in advance.

Jim Currie

Boxhall would be below in his cabin before 8 pm that evening. He would be due on watch at 8pm.

Perhaps your character might have a conversation with him in the officer's mess on the starboard side of the boat deck at the aft end, starboard side entrance to the officer's accommodation and directly opposite the door to Boxhall's cabin.

Jim C.