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Paul Lee

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Lightoller said at the US Enquiry that he heard an order for everyone to come to the starboard side to straighten the ship up. He repeated this order, originally from Wilde, he thought and given perhaps 30-45 minutes before the sinking.

Did anyone else hear this order given? There would have been a lot of passengers on deck, but funnily, the starboard side, from various accounts, such as Beesley's, Ismays etc., was nearly deserted.

Also, assuming (!) this was the forewrad end of the boat deck, would passengers have been allowed to take a short cut through the bridge. I wuldn't have thought so, due to perating procedures, even thugh the Titanic was a useless ship at that time. The only survivor account that I am aware of that says that says a passenger passed through tbe bridge was Mr.Henry Harris (in "The Irish Aboard the Titanic") - where she saw the clock set at 2.20 (!).

Any comments, verification etc.?

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Hemming testified, also at the US Inquiry, that the Captain ordered "Everyone over to the starboard side to keep the ship up as long as possible". Gracie testified to a version almost identical to Lightoller's - that 'an officer' ordered "All passengers to the starboard side" at the time that boat D was being loaded. It was in response to this order that he crossed over and discovered Mrs Browne and Miss Evans.
The order is well testified to, as Bob noted. As to the bridge, if we are to believe Harold Bride, all sorts of people were wandering around the general area. He reported seeing many people as he was taking news of Carpathia to the bridge, to say nothing of a thirsty woman and a thieving stoker towards the end.
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Could the weight of the passengers actually have achieved this? It doesn't seem very likely.
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