Brass key tag Captains Dining Is it real


Rebecca Hall

Hello all - wondering if someone can assist...

An auctioneer here in our area told me he had a brass key tag (no key with it) that had "Titanic" engraved on it and he thought it had something like "Captains Dining" on it as well. He mentioned the name of someone from our area who had been a survivor of the wreck, and that it was her daughter or grandaughter who had given it to him. He feels it's authentic, but asked me to do some research as a favor. Which brings me to you.

What kind of key tag would have the words Captains Dining on it? What purpose would it have served and for whom?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Bex Hall
Huntington, WV

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Bex. Real Titanic key tags were stamped with the location of the doors ('1st Class Gents Lav B deck' or whatever) but not the name of the ship. There have been novelty items mass produced more recently which do resemble the tag you have described. The version most commonly seen is stamped 'Captain's Office'. Oddly enough, the existence of the name 'Titanic' stamped or engraved on an item is generally a good sign that it has no connection with the ship.

Rebecca Hall

Thank you very much, Bob! I do appreciate the information. Great board here!

Thanks again,


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