Brass Windows Officer's accomodation

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I wonder if anyone has a good photo or better still, a proper drawing, of one the heavy brass Utley windows on the officers accommodation deckhouse? I've been trying to figure out how that round lock at the bottom works.

Failing, images, a verbal description would be most appreciated!



Scott R. Andrews


The windows in the officer's accommodations and the few passenger staterooms on the Boat deck forward of the 1st class entrance were not of Utley's make; these were made by H&W in their own brass foundry, to their own design. I know I've seen better, clearer pictures of these windows on other H&W-built ships, and I have also seen the components for similar windows in pictures taken in the brass foundry for articles on H&W published in "Engineering" and other periodicals. You may want to try to contact Daniel Klistorner directly; he may be able to provide you with better images to work with.

Scott Andrews
Hi Scott

Thanks for that info. I've been discussing this with another Titanic expert, and I now have a clear understanding of the big round lock at least.

I think, from the photo's, one can see the hinges clearly, and how the side lock works. However, there appears to be one more lock, a little higher, that looks like a threaded bar with a handle on it. Don't know what this was for, and it is not clear in any of the photos I have.

It sure would be nice to have articles on these from Engineering.

Regards jason
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