Brave Nurse and the Babe She Saved

My Great Grandfather, was a bedroom steward on the Titanic. he helped Nurse Cleaver and Trevor Allison to safety. once they where on the life boat, there was one space left on life boat 7, so they allowed My Great Grandfather (William Faulkner) to board the life boat . he was also the only person that was allowed to hold Trevor once on board.
Nurse Cleaver is in my family . i was told a photo of her was in my grandmother house in new zealand so that would make the nurse one of my greatgrand mothers

J W Ford

That’s a wonderful memory for you and your family. I hope your great grandfather William had a long and happy life after going through that horrible event. I can’t imagine how scary and sad he was seeing the demise of the ship in front of him. Did he style in NZ after?
That is an amazing story indeed. So many heroes on board titanic, Its wonderful to hear from descendants of heroic survivors. Did he ever speak of titanic to your grandfather/grandmother?