Brazilian ferry disaster

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Mar 28, 2002
5 people are reported dead and up to 80 are missing after an overcrowded ferry capsized and sank on the Para River. For the full story, go to:


For some reason, on the preview page, the address repeats the numbers at the end of the address at the beginning, making the address unobtainable. Address should start at http:

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Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Not a problem O.M.! A brief article appeared on this on the CargoLaw Website that some may find of interest. The name of the ferry was the M/V Dom Luis XV-I, with 300 passengers aboard. She was rated for 148. Seven are known dead and according to the newsbite, "dozens" are reported missing.

Good old overcrowding bites again!!! They just never seem to learn.

James Smith

Dec 5, 2001
I've travelled on ferries like that on the Amazon between Santarem and Oriximina--about midway between Manaus and Belem. Generally those ferries consist of three levels; the bottom two levels are completely open and have hooks spaced maybe a foot apart on the ceilings for hammocks, while the top level is generally left open for passengers who don't wish to sleep. The sides of each deck are usually open, but in bad weather tarps are tied down to close the openings; forward and aft of this open space is a deckhouse consisting of cabins. The corridor going around the deckhouse on either side is MAYBE a meter wide--and if three hundred odd people want to get out when those tarps are down, they all have to make it through one of those corridors. It would be a deathtrap!

I'll try to post photos within the next couple of days.

James Smith
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