Bride and the LordMacQuitty Collection

Dec 31, 2000
Pinson, AL
So the other day I was browsing the contents of the Lord-MacQuitty collection on the National Maritime Museum website and came across something that completely threw me for a loop.

It's entry LMQ/3/7/10, described as: "Letters between Walter Lord and Harold Bride, providing information on the TITANIC disaster for Lord's book The Night Lives On, 1979".

Firstly, the date. Bride died in 1956, so there is no way they could have been corresponding in 1979 (although it just now occurs to me, maybe the book was published that year? I can't remember). Secondly, I've been under the impression that, at least when A Night To Remember was published--and wasn't that in 1955?--Lord knew just as much as the next person about what became of Bride after 1922, which is to say, nothing.

Has anyone actually had a look at this? I've contacted the museum regarding having copies made (hopefully) of some of the documents I'm interested in, but I haven't heard back yet, and I decided to ask here because I am insanely curious. Also I bet they aren't allowed to copy them.

(Also also, Inger and Parks and you others who have all that information on Bride and Phillips that you're sitting on that I would just about die to see--I really honestly admire you, because I don't know that I would ever have the cojones to contact their relatives for my research. Seeing as you've already done it anyway, and I'm a mere unemployed plebe. :D)

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