Bridge Wing Cab Question


Sean Lynn

Forgive me if this has been discussed already.
I sought but didn't find, so . . .

In photos and a video sequence of Capt. Smith walking the bridge, and in the movie I've seen what looks like a door on the outside wall of both wing cabs (a door that would lead to a long wet drop without some sort of ramp).

I wish I could pull up a photo to show you guys but I wouldn't know where to find one online.

My question is were those actually doors, and if so when would they be used?

Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
Hi, Sean,
the window on the outside of the wing cab has riveted seams running along both sides of it down to the bottom of the bulkhead - giving the appearance of a door. There is an access hatch below and aft of the window, with a toggle handle and a latch that allowed access to the coloured navigation running light on the outer side of the wing cab. It swung open fore to aft. On the forward in-side of the wing cab were two large buttons, having to do with the fog timer, as well as a binocular box.

Hope this helps!

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