Bridget O'Driscoll and Annie Jermyn Survivors in boat D



Does anyone know anything about Bridget O'Driscoll or Annie Jermyn whose ticket numbers were consequtive with the ticket of Mary Kelly. Since they were 3 girls around the same age and were rescued together, I am wondering whether they were three friends who had decided to travel together.
In "The Irish Aboard Titanic," Senan Molony relates that Bridget Driscoll and Annie Jermyn had travelled with Mary Kelly on successive tickets issued at Ballydehob, County Cork, Ireland.

Ticket # 14311 -- Bridget Driscoll
Ticket # 14312 -- Mary Kelly
Ticket # 14313 -- Annie Jermyn

Note that Molony calls her Driscoll rather than O'Driscoll. He also relates that all three got off on Collapsible D, the last lifeboat lowered, and that Mary Kelly mothered the Navratil brothers in the lifeboat.

There is no mention in the book of any of the three ladies seeing each other again after the Carpathia landed in New York. As a matter of fact, Molony claims that the Driscoll-Jermyn friendship was strained by the disaster, even though Driscoll was the apparently the one who helped get Jermyn into the Collapsible.