Britannic 3 funnel pipes

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Remco Hillen

Dec 13, 1999

I was hoping someone had any info about how these pipes ran from the #3 funnel to the Tankroom on Britannic.
Photo's and plans that I have access to don't show much.
Plans don't show a thing actually.

Problems here are:
-The trunkvent, which is not present on the sisters. Pipes will have to be rerouted around this vent.
-I have no idea about the amount of pipes on the port side. The starboard side seems to be about the same as on Titanic, but the port side is hard to observe. It appears though that there were pipes on this side, but less then the Sisters.

Perhaps someone with a larger technical knowledge can shed some more light on this pipes worked/what they did. Britannic had a couple of different systems, so there a good change that that has something to do with it.


There is a thought by Russell Wild that will solve a couple of things, but I don't know if it's technically possible.
-How about rerouting the pipes straight down into the casing, then
aft along the *inside* of the elevator room and into the tank room from
there? They may still have had to pass through the space occupied by the
uptake, but my guess is that it would have been easier (and more aesthetic)
to reorganise this on the inside.

I like this idea because of the following point:
The Tankroom roof would have been used in an emergency situation.
There would have been stairs installed leading up to the roof and then with other stairs upto the lifeboats.
With all those, quite large, pipes ontop of the roof it would have been quite hazardous for the passengers.

To sum it up the problems are:
1. How did the pipes run on the #3 funnel.
2. How did they run to the Tankroom, if they ran to there at all.

Any ideas/comments are very welcome and much appreciated.

Not open for further replies.