Britannic artifacts

Feb 21, 2005
If I could have just 1 rivet from Britannic, I'd be a happy man. I know with Titanic there's no way. But Britannic, just one rivet, or even just a fallen wire that's no long attached to anything. Just one piece of the historic sisters would be my prize for life.


Jun 9, 2018
Wilmington, DE; USA
I hope, that people never raise artifacts and sell them. I think that's wrong.
They’ll either sell them or do what that hypocrite Russian did to the MV Wilhelm Gustloff, keep it as personal items and claim it’s to preserve the artefacts (though it’s not like it’d be a good idea—for him, at least—to donate them to a museum, as he looted a war grave for selfish gain).
At any rate, I find it highly detestable when people sell ship artefacts online on sites like eBay and the like so they can be sold to random normal people, regardless of whether it was a wrecked ship or was scrapped. I wouldn’t trust regular people with preserving such valuable pieces of history, not even myself. I even found a now-deleted listing of a pair of RMS Olympic’s Second-Class Fining Saloon chairs (probably because I contacted him)
Though, (as is the case with Aquitania’s) fittings being sold to private hands prior to scrapping a ship, is damn near worse, in my honest opinion.


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