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Britannic C Deck Sitting Rooms

Discussion in 'Design and Decor' started by Fernando MG, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Fernando MG

    Fernando MG Member

    First of all, good morning to everyone! l'm a new member in Encyclopedia Titanica and I'm glad to be here.
    Some days ago, I was viewing HMHS (or better say, RMS) Britannic deck plans, and I noticed, on C Deck, two new sitting rooms amidships, apart from the two parlour suites just after the staircase.
    This lead me to think that there were six parlour suites onboard Britannic (two on B Deck, four on C Deck). Does anyone know what type of decoration, architecture style or panelling would have had these two new sitting rooms if Britannic had known passenger service?
    Thank you for your answers!☺️