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Britannic First Class R & W room

Discussion in 'Design and Decor' started by Lars Noorman, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Oh, we both wrote the same time. No, your English is good! :)
    Look at my post at 4:16 p.m. A deck is correct! On boat deck it is a "straight wall"!
    Yes, look there you will see A deck is like in your picture!
  2. Lars Noorman

    Lars Noorman Member

    So my version of the A Deck is correct?
  3. According to the deck plans, yes!
    But as you may know, the wreck sometimes surprise us with a "new" discovery which is not on her deck plan! But I can not remember reading something about a new discovery on that space.
    Sorry if I confuse you with my mails.
  4. Lars Noorman

    Lars Noorman Member

    Okay;) i know that scooba divers ( Bad EnglishXD ) can dive in the britannic but i don't know if they vissited the r/w room.
    And you don't confuse me with your mails;)
  5. Lars Noorman

    Lars Noorman Member

    In the Lounge were Pilars or something don't know how to say it:p Were there Pilars in the r/w room?
  6. Yes, the R6w room was having 1 pillar! It was in the middle of the room. Opposite the fire place.
  7. Lars Noorman

    Lars Noorman Member

    Okay thanks
  8. JJAstorII

    JJAstorII Member

    Does anyone know the style that Britannics R & W Room was supposed to be fitted out in? I think myself somewhat of an expert on Titanic and Olympics R & W Room and even currently have a touring exhibit in the UK of a reproduction I made in 1:12 scale, but I've always been SOO curious to know what Britannics plans were?