Britannic Layout Details?



Hello all. I have been scouring these threads for weeks now, looking for any kind of information I can get about a few aspects of Britannic's interior as a Hospital ship, but unfortunately I have come up empty handed. Most of these threads involve what the rooms would have looked like if she was never converted into a hospital ship. I would like to know the opposite. What would the following rooms and public spaces have been used for, at the time she sank?

- First class lounge.
- Reading and Writing Room.
- First Class smoking room.
- Palm Court and Verandah Café.

I am well aware of both as well as the many different books by Simon Mills, as they have both been exceptional tools for my research. However, Britannic was very poorly documented compared to that of the two sisters, making finding the information I seek virtually impossible. So I turn to you, the good people of this forum, in hopes that someone will be able to help out. Additionally, feel free to share what you think these rooms would have been used for.


-Andrew DeMarcus