Britannic public rooms

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Alvin Dusaran

Dec 18, 2010
hi guys,

I'm doing a research about the interior design of britannic, i'm just thinking if the ship has been done even without designing of its interior design and that is impossible, that might be crucial for the company since the britannic was almost finish and what was left only was the fittings needed to be installed, but it never did due to the war outbreak, i already found some conceptual design of its interior such as:

Grand staircase with organ inside the door fronting the stairs, smoke room, childrens playroom, swimming pool, lounge. But all mentioned above was all first class accomodation.

Seems all interior spaces i mentioned above is too familiar but now I'm looking for conceptual interior of 1st class dining, 2nd class smoke and library as well as new 2nd class accomodation the gymnasium. for 3rd class are the new smoking room which is put above the poop deck and general room.

i hope somebody could help me about these spaces. i'm just thinking if they done the ship without its interior design or done the fittings without the plan for interior.

If somebody can't put the photos in these forum you can send it on my email add [email protected].

I will appreciate it very much.

Thanks a lot,

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