Britannic Returns --- A Novel

J Sheehan

Aug 23, 2019
Cork, Ireland
Since the 103rd anniversary of Britannic's sinking is coming very soon, I thought the time was right for me to reveal that I'm writing a novel set on Britannic, but not the way you'd all expect!

This novel takes place in 2009 and generally is a story in which ordinary people get caught up in the extraordinary of events.

A brief synopsis; in Mid-April 2009 an Irish boy in his late teens makes a wish for Britannic to return to life as a passenger ship. As he sleeps, a magic streak of light shoots across the night sky and enters the harbour waters by the Heritage Centre in Cobh before entering the seabed and causing the water to start bubbling.

Exactly two weeks later on the First of May 2009, with a really intensive, almost Jacuzzi like bubbling, Britannic rises from the water, a la Raise the Titanic, in front of the Irish teen and many of his class mates who are down in Cobh for a school trip and causing quite a stir in Cobh.

I've been working on this novel since mid-November 2008 and I'm currently going through it correcting mistakes, taking out characters I don't need and making sure it's up to scratch.

I will reveal more later, but please let me know what you think.

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