British politics in 1912

Could any experts in the state of British political history comment on the popularity of the British PM in 1912? With all the coal strikes, im assuming he wasnt too popular with the labor crowd...

Tarn Stephanos
The British PM was Herbert Asquith, who had pushed through valuable social reforms during previous terms. In 1910 he fought two elections and was reduced to leading a minority government. However, he was pretty secure as he had the support of the Labour Party and the Irish Nationalists. Neither party had any time for the Conservatives, who were against Home Rule for Ireland and who were the natural enemy of Labour.

The state of play in the Commons was---

Liberal 272
Conservative 272
Irish Nationalists 85
Labour 42

So, while Asquith may have annoyed Labour at times, he was regarded as the lesser of two evils. Some years later, Labour and Liberals governed as a coalition.
What years did Asquith serve as PM? Looking back, is he now concidered by historians to have been an excellent, average,mediocre or poor pm?


Tarn Stephanos
Asquith was PM from April 1908 to December 1916.

As in all politics, his reputation depends on your own views. From what I've read, he might have been regarded more highly had he not been associated with the debacles of the opening years of WW I, to say nothing of his inability to avoid the war. Had he retired in 1912 or 1913, he could have been remembered as the man who broke the power of the House of Lords.
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Even in 1912,Winston Churchill held significant clout, so do you think the young Winston held ambitions for being a future PM?

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