British Titanic Society Convention April 12th 14th 2002

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Bookings for the above event will be taken on Thursday 5th July next. Anybody wishing to attend should contact The Hilton National Hotel, Southampton (Tel: 023 8070 2700) on that day.
You will need to book early as the places are usually filled by mid afternoon.

Ben Holme

Ah Geoff, about that;

I don't suppose you've seen my BTS application lurking, anywhere? I sent off in April when I became jealous that you guys were having so much fun down in S'hampton:)
Ben, Send me your address by email please. We had problems around that time with somebody taking our mail from the PO Box, looks as though yours could be one of them.

Dear Ben,

Please advise Paul Rogers to get the gone wrong coffee ready. And don't tell Helen and Ethelbert, but I managed to sign up for the convention and may be out your way!

Hope to see you there!

Ben Holme

That's great news, Mo! Although, I gather Helen and Ethelbert may already be on to you. I was sent a list of attendees, and was delighted to see your name among them!

Coffee's brewing, although I'm reliably informed that the Hilton has steadfastly refused to sell the unique East Grinstead stuff....although for a substitute rat poison, they say it's pretty useful! I'll remind Paul to bring some along with him:)

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else!

Best Regards,

Paul Rogers

Maureen / Ben,

Great news. I'll dig out my thermos flask in readiness. If you ask nicely, I'll bring along a stale scone or two as well...


Pat Cook

Great news, Mo! Looking forward to it already! Also meeting Ben, Paul and the others. I can hardly wait! (yeesh, I'm like a teenager...well,not if you look at my photo!)

Warmest regards,


Former Member
For all the would be visitors from the United States. If your attending next years B.T.S.Convention, then I can assure you all you won't be dissapointed.

There is so much to see in such a short space of time. I'm not one hundred per cent sure, because I don't have the agenda for next year. However, I expect there's a strong chance your'll see the actual Ocean Dock where Titanic embarked on that Wednesday 10th April 1912.

Sadly the originally Ocean Dock Terminal was demolished in 1983 and that also includes the Harland & Wolff sheld's which were demolished roundabout 1985.

If you do book early then I would advise you to visit the pub called The Grapes which is situated down in Oxford Street, Southampton. This is where alot of Crew congregated just before the embarkation date.

No sooner you have finished with The Grapes, I would advise you to walk along that other famous landmark:- South Western House and turn left.
Once you've turned left your down Caunte Road and directly opposite, is the former White Star Offices. This is virtually where most of the Sotonians families gather to await the latest news about their love ones, notably the Crew families.

As for those who want to view the obituaries on the microfiche's, then I regret to say your viewing is limited to 1 hour only. This will have to be arrange seperately at the Archives in Southampton's main Civic Centre.

All in all, I hope I have managed to answer some of your questions. Good luck and kind regards to you all-Andrew Williams who resides roughly 10 miles away from the Port of Southampton U.K.

Ben Holme


Bit concerned here. When I booked for the BTS convention on 5 July I was told I would receive confirmation of my reservation two weeks from then. Nothing's come through yet and it's now mid-August.

Anyone else on the same boat?

Ben, The Hilton are a law unto themselves regarding letters of confirmation. Their "this week" usually means "next month". Don't worry, you are down on the list...I've checked. Hotel is full and we have a waiting list of about thirty to forty people - I'd better get organising events pronto!

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