British Titanic Society Convention April 12th 14th 2002

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I am really starting to get very excited about attending and being able to meet with all of you that I've been conversing with for the past 6 months!!!! This is extremely important to me, to be able to meet with you and see you. Of all the people in the world, I strongly believe our passion for Titanic creates a spark in all our personalities that we may not find in other people. How our faces light up when speaking of Titanic. I love all the enthusiasts/researchers and VERY MUCH look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Yes ALL of you. I exclude no one.

Although I haven't had the pleasure of conversing with you Philip Gowan, I fully agree that Geoff should have a Convention every quarter! He would be an even busier man indeed!

Yours Sincerely,

P.S. Christine, please bring your lovely recorded voice on video with you to the Convention. I look forward to hearing your graceful voice. I am sorry but I am just too chicken to bring mine... (no I haven't recorded Celine's song yet.)


Christine Geyer

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Boh I will bring my lovely (!?) voice itself with me. That will make you fear enough
I suggest we shoot a very special own video together while we're spooking around Southhampton and sing it as a canon !!


Inger Sheil

Uncle Cook missed his last chance to belt (or bellow) out a song in the Abbey Tavern, as he'd remained back at the hotel - it's past time he was roped in for a round or two. And he missed the Southampton incident. There were other witnesses/participants in the NY event, however - Phil G and Phil H were two of them. I've found the way to deal with the high notes is to throw yourself into them with complete, suicidal abandon - I haven't the faintest hope of hitting them, so will murder them instead. It worked in NY - we received a round of applause from the waiters.

I'm sure we can muster your beverage of choice (mine would be anything rum based or a pint of Guinness). If Bonnie 'The Bon' can come, you'll also see a splendid line in party tricks.

Phil is quite right about the enthusiasm the event musters - what a motley, international bunch the attendees are, from maritime historians to movie buffs.

~ Ing
I just noticed the time on the last post here. Interesting.

Geoff, just want you to know that I am looking forward to this get together.



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Hello all of you keen Titanic enthusiasts, and researchers...... alike!

O.Kay Mr Gowan, I'll drop the MISTER and call you Phillip instead!

Inger I can't wait myself. Like I said in one of my the post's earlier on, there's so much see in such a short space of time.

OH..La,La..Teri your coming as well!

If you don't mind, I just want to give the latest update for Geoff Whitfield. Your be please to know Mr Whitfield I have already made arrangements to be at the Hilton from Thursday onwards. I have heard from the grapevine that there is a possibility that St. Mary's Church in Southampton, might be opened for the occasion. If this is true, then there is one of the most beautiful Titanic Memorables which you can find located inside the Maritime Chapel. Perhaps it could be useful for those who are travelling from the U.S or anywhere else from overseas to bring your cameras. This I recommend wholeheartedly.

I know my day on Thursday alone is restricted, as I have already promised to take and show two people around a few venues that are connected with Titanic. I don't know how the rest of you all feel, but if your not plaining anything on the Friday (that's if your planing to purchase anything from the Auction)then maybe I could take you around a show you a few more landmarks. It depends entiretly upon yourselves!

Otherwise I have to quickly rush back to Southampton General Hospital now.

Take care all and let us know what you think?

Andrew W.
Hello Andrew, Yes, St Mary's is open over the weekend with a festival of flowers and a theme pertaining to Southampton shipping, including, of course, Titanic. There will be a chance for anyone to see it during the weekend.
The Reverend Ian Johnson is putting on the display and can be contacted via email at:
[email protected]

The BTS is giving Rev. Johnson its full support for this event.

Inger Sheil

Maureen - it's amazing what ten minutes can do to your perceptions of life and security. That was the last post I put up before realising that the text message a co-worker had received on her mobile wasn't a hoax as we had initally believed (following as it did hard on the heels of several false messages regarding various catastrophic events - for once, it was not a cry of 'wolf'). And in that message I'd been thinking back to the last time I was in NY...a year ago, in September 2000. There are already murmerings of another gathering to be organised there next year...a gesture of defiance, hope, and love for a city that I've always felt was pure magic.

Andrew - yes, so much to see, so little time. I'll be trying to make that earlier date too (Will also try to resist the evil Irish voice of temptation that lured me to the Grapes for most of Saturday afternoon...although when rounding up a good mob of people there's nothing more enjoyable).

Michael - any chance of you getting to the UK in the near(ish) future?

Geoff - Am chufferumphed that the Hilton has finally sent a confirmation of my booking.

~ Inger


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Geoff-Thanks for confirming and satisfying my own curiousity. I can assure everybody who will be at next years Convention, St.Mary's Church is a well worth visit.

Inger-I'm back from the hospital now, and perhaps we can start building up a list of who wants to have a PRINT down the Olde Grapes. Still haven't heard anymore from the Civic Centre yet. I'll let you know when I do!

Bye for now-Andrew.

Mark Baber

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There are already murmerings of another gathering to be organised there next year...a gesture of defiance, hope, and love for a city that I've always felt was pure magic.


You know you can count me in for any such gathering. Please keep me advised of any further murmurs like this.


Inger Sheil

G'day Mark -

Wellllll...when I say 'murmurings', it's more a late night on-line pint fuelled trans-Irish Sea conversation, with a lot of muttered defiance (bloody great city, and they're not keeping us away!). My post will probably have quite a few of the TML2000 people wondering why on earth they haven't been informed of this yet - I suppose it should be proposed more formally.

Andrew - I think compiling a list of pint-partakers is a very commendable mission, and I promise to assist in any way I can ;-) Will email you tomorrow on other matters.

~ Ing
Geoff: Got your e-mail. Reply's on the way. Thanks.

Inger:I'd say my chances of getting to the UK in the very near future are about zip unless I'm the sole winner of the jackpot in one of the state lotteries. Still, I'm not ruling anything out. The nice thing about being a military pensioner who is gainfully employed in the civilian market is that it's possible to save a farthing or two.

Probably a NYC gathering would be a bit more realistic, and if it can be made to happen, it would be a nice peice of symbolism at that.

Phil Gowan hopes to pull off another gathering here in South Carolina in the very near future. It's one I plan to attend if he can put it together.

Michael H. Standart
Oh, he can put it together--and he thinks we might do it in honor of a very special Titanic guest that may be visiting this area in the not too distant future :).

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