British Titanic Society Convention April 12th 14th 2002

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Hi Andrew!

Pardon the late posting, I was in Las Vegas for my sister's wedding. For all the fun, I should be attending the BTS Convention. I'd love to see all those Titanic and nautical enthusiasts and historians in one place. That should be something to see!

Hopefully there won't be any missles flying through the air at that time!

See you!

I suppose it's too late to join in on this, any of this?

It figures, I always show up late to everything!

But hey, none of you would be missing anything!
Hello Kritina, The BTS Convention is open to anybody, you are welcome to come along and join us for the auction/exhibitions/lectures/sales tables etc. the only thing we can't offer is accommodation as it has long since all been taken up. Many people come over and stay in a local b&b
then spend most of the weekend with us. We can, however offer places on the Sunday morning River Cruise, which visits most Titanic sites in Southampton. There is a very small charge for this
of around £5 ($7).
My birthday is April 13th and I was wondering if anyone would like to get together in Orlando at the Titanic Ship of Dreams (Permanent) Exhibit that weekend? That is, if you're not going to the BTS Convention (I subordinate to you, Geoff!)

Email me, the more who come, the more I'll plan to thrill and excite you.

All the best,
I'm not sure what I'll be doing around April time. I'll either be going to Southampton or Northern Ireland (or both) for the conferences. I assume the arrangements for late booking and cancellation are still in place as in 2000.

You could probably count me out. I'll be flying non-stop from LA to NY and then on to N Ireland and Southampton and Liverpool and anywhere else Titanic can be found. If anything changes, i'll let you know. But for now those are my plans.

Have a great Birthday Celebration in April!



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Hi Geoff!

I hope you and Alma had a safe journey back from your long exhausting trip in South Carolina.

I know this sounds a bit farfetched but last Saturday I received an invoice from the Southampton Hilton, suggesting that if I need to guarantee my reserved placed for this years Convention, then they would like the outstanding payment.

Before I can send a reply back and confirm all payment transactions were done way before Christmas, can I ask you Geoffrey, during the intrim period have you had an up-to-date memo which clearly confirms my name, payment and booking?

Thanks Old Bean!

Andrew W.
Hi Andrew,

Home safe and sound! Whilst we don't have any part in the financial side of the Hotel's dealings, I will call them today and sort it out. Watch this space.........

Hello Andrew,

I spoke to reservations today and they asked me to apologise to you. Seems that your name became mixed in with the invoices waiting to be sent - it's all sorted now.



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Hello Geoff!

Your kindness in sorting out this matter for me is much appreciated and will always be remembered.

Cheers and Thank you Old Bean!

Andrew W.
The BTS Convention Auction held on Friday 12th April has some fascinating material this year. Not least second class passenger John Gill's pocket watch which was removed from his body when it was recovered. I have not checked yet if the remainder of the Gill material is also coming under the hammer but the watch has an estimated price of £25000 - get your small change out!
Wonder if I should say this, as organiser of the event, but what's the differnce betwixt selling a relic from a corpse and raising the same item from the sea bed? I'm sure there is a moral issue somewhere but it's just not showing itself to me yet. I would be interested to hear other's views though.

Hello Geoff,

I would ask if Gill's relatives have given permission to auction off the pocket watch. There is no mention here of his relatives and what their position is on the matter of the auction.

As for removing an item from a dead person vs the sea bed and the moral issue attached, my thoughts would have to lie with the relatives and what they think of it. Are they pleased that their relative's personal effects have been recovered? That is a question reserved only for relatives of the sinking.


Hello Teri,

The items are being auctioned by Gill's family. They have already gone through auction a matter of weeks ago and those items not purchased have been passed on to another auctioneer to be offered at the BTS sale.

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