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This has been a week of good things arriving in the mail, with the Commutator, Voyage and the Atlantic Daily Bulletin all out at once. The ADB has a lot of information on the 2006 convention which is in Liverpool this time, "The great four-funnelled liners" by Geoff Robinson, "The Men Behind the Titanic" by David Hill , "Bruce Ismay-How far does Ismay deserve the reputation he earned in the Titanic disaster?" by Rudi Newman, with editor's reflections on the article included, "Hands Across the Sea, Part III" by Randy Bigham, "The wreck of the forward section of RMS Titanic" with photos of models, by Robert A. Wilson F.R.S.A., plus the usual regular columns from officers. Of particular importance is the fact that someone has posted Miss Dean's address on the internet, which has upset her greatly and caused a deluge of mail and requests for letters, autographs, etc. For as much as we all admire the survivors, and would wish a personal memento, the health of these wonderful historic people is frail, and we all would wish them every comfort and safety by protecting their privacy. Great issue as usual from our friends across the Great Pond.
Does anyone know whats happening with the BTS.
Ive been a member for 6 years now, I renewed my membership last Feb 2005, and as yet have received nothing from them, yet they have taken my money. I have wrote to them many times, but no reply back.
Does anyone whats happening with them or has the BTS folded.
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Paul, the convention is at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, April 21-23. The full convention price is 188 pounds for a single or 162 for a double. There will be the usual sales and exhibition tables and an auction by Ocean Liner Auctions with about 400 items. Geoff Whitfield has retired after 13 long years' work and the new officers are Steve Rigby (Secretary) David Hill (editor and treasurer) and Tim Silcocks, (Membership). The December issue of the ADB contained an ET piece on Richard Otter, all of the material about Capt. Nargeolet's open letter to Bob Ballard which is on the TIS website and in issue 54 of Voyage, part II of Geoff Robinson's The Great Four-funnelled liners (Deutschland),an article by Mark Chirnside on the HMHS Britannic- "A Question of Two Second Officers", Trevor Platt's "The Importance of Double-Skinned Hulls," book reviews of The Titanic Diaries, an intriguing article about shots fired on Titanic by Joannis Geoglou Part I, and the usual letters to the editor and Miss Dean's column. Henry Aldridge and Sons have posted an auction notice as well for Saturday the 29th of April at the Devizes Auction rooms. This auction can be viewed on exhibition April 15-21st at the Made In Belfast Event in Belfast City Hall, but they announce they will not be holding their April 2006 auction at BTS in Liverpool due to moving logistics. There has been some changes to the renewal date for membership and a letter was sent out Sept. 2005 to members stating April would be the renewal month for members.BTS P Box 401 Hope Carr Way Leigh, Lancashire WN7 3WW England is the given address for all inquires. Hope this helps.
I wrote the article "Bruce Ismay-How far does Ismay deserve the reputation he earned in the Titanic disaster?", so I'm glad it was of sufficient interest to be mentioned. I'd be interested in anyone's views on it, if thats OK?

Inger Sheil

Hallo Rudi, and welcome to the ET messageboard.

I need to renew my membership with the ever-patient BTS, but will do so soon and hope to read your article then.
yeah, I wrote him a letter and he kindly replied. Mr Haas, Mr Eaton, Mr Hill and Mr Littlejohn all personally helped with opinions. It started out as A Level Coursework! And I got a B.
At least the examiners were more interested in it - they had 30+ on the American Civil War (all the same question)!
Just got home from a very busy enjoyable weekend down at Southampton, at the BTS 2009 convention.

The hotel’s location was excellent; we could see the Ventura and Oceana, out of our bedroom window.

The saleroom was very busy, and I managed to get a copy of the new reprint of the “Shipbuilders - Titanic”.

Terry Madill gave a lecturer, about the Titanic quarter at Belfast and his Schools project, as ever his enthusiasm was unbounded.

Charles Haas & Jack Eaton, gave an excellent talk on Titanic’s New York connection.

Millvina and Bruno, popped along to see us, and I must say she was bright and enchanting as ever.

The Gala dinner launched the Millvina fund, with an auction to start the funds off.

On Sunday, we had trip down to berth 44, where we were allowed to walk around, to see it first hand.

We then had a boat trip to see all the ships berthed in Southampton, and finally we entered the berth and dropped a wreath and then we retraced the path of Titanic as it had left the Southampton. As we passed the Oriana, we could see it was occupying the same berth as the New York, all those years ago.

Thanks to all at the BTS for organising a great conference.

Having difficulty contacting British Titanic Society. Emails rejected with message " Your message wasn't delivered because the domain couldn't be found. " Yet no difficulty finding their web page. Anyone else experiencing the same?
Their domain is registered until 12-30-21 but the servers their site sits on is gone. Hopefully they are just just swapping servers. Their facebook page is still going so you might try that route. Cheers.
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I poked around a little and the Wayback machine hasn't gotten any snapshots in about 4 months from the site. But I did look at their FB and it has posts as recently as yesterday. Maybe they just gave up paying for server space. Don't know much about FB but I'm under the impression it's free to make a page there. If they did go that route I'm sure their not the first to go that way. Cheers.