Brown's Voyage of the Iceberg (was Looking for a specific book don't know title -HELP)

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Teresa Parks

Feb 18, 2001
I have read many books & articles on Titanic & in a article that I read somewhere there is supposed to be a book on the Titanic written from the iceberg's point of view.......I know it sounds ridicules but I would still like to read it....the problem is that's all the article said.....didn't give a title or author of the book......does anyone know what I am talking about & could email me the name of the book? I would appreciate any help I could get.......
Aug 29, 2000
That book had a great new slant on the situation- Thomas Hardy's Convergence of the Twain (seen here under Titanic Books (Poetry Thread) also featured the berg as one half of that "august event" and gave the berg's-eye view. I painted the cover from that book back in 1985 with help from Marshall Drew on a huge canvas- great berg scape- it is hanging on the wall here in the boatroom near the computer! I have my 34 inch Entex Titanic model in front of it. In certain light on moonlit nights- there's quite an effect.
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