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"Who is Freud? A passenger?"
how it must have been a blow even more to see her sink.
just a little immaturity, but no disrespect to the victims.
A rather silly line, actually. Ismay would have had to have lived under a rock for some years to be unaware of the controversial figure of Freud. There are other would-be smart lines of the same ilk.
Actually that was made up by the actor playing Ismay as far as I know I don't think the real Ismay ever said it.Or if he did it was never recorded .
In this Titanic movie & A Night to Remember and maybe others make him the butt of the joke to death.
i don't understand the whole part of the conversation about Freud and his preoccupation with size.... who is he?
This is no place for an explanation of Freud, who is controversial to this day..

Look up Sigmund Freud on Wikipedia. As of 1912. he was creating quite a stir.
Ismay COULD have parried Rose's rude (and stupid)remark with Freud's famous line about "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" and followed up with a line about Rose's behavior pattern vis a vis Jack and Cal, and Krafft-Ebbing or Sacher-Masoch. Rose, beign an idiot, would not have understood the references. THAT would have made me (temporarily) love the film.

There are other would-be smart lines of the same ilk.

In that I haven't watched the film recently, what were the other lines? Or were you referring to another scene?

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I was thinking in particular of Cal's comments on the paintings. They are meant to be ironic but they are only smart-aleck remarks.
Cameron just wanted to portray Ismay as another ignorant capitalist clod who was unaware what was going on in the real world, so he deliberately had Rose make these arrogant, idiotic remarks. Cameron wanted schoolgirl Rose to show off her superior education by upstaging Ismay. It was also disgusting on Cameron's part to use the Titanic as a phallic symbol. UGH!
I agree, Sharon! That was one scene which was so full of cliches- it just made one cringe as it was so embarrassing!

>>It was also disgusting on Cameron's part to use the Titanic as a phallic symbol. UGH!<<

Yes, Sharon, when I heard that line I couldn't believe what I was hearing! To me, this juvenile, trivial line showed a lack of respect for what was a fine ship, and the skilled workers who were involved in the construction. Besides, as it has long been a tradition that ships are referred to by the female gender, the Titanic can therefore definitely NOT be considered as a phallic symbol!
I wish all late 20th century political correctness had been deleted from Titanic. Cameron probably forgot ships were usually referred to as "she" when he turned the Titanic into a pointless Freudian sexual metaphor. Just how icky is that???!!!
I've always hated Cal's *wink wink* Picasso will never amount to anything line even more than the Freud one. Cal being the butt of such an a easy joke for the audience (I get it! Picasso DID amount to something! Ergo, Cal must be dumb as will as evil and a philistine!)

I always gave the Freud line more of a pass because Thomas Andrews' face in response usually cracks me up.

It was a bad joke, though. Another easy bit of easy pandering to the audience. But yes, Titanic being a SHE is hardly makes sense. Oh Freud, it turns out not everyone suffered from incestuous desires, no that was pretty much just you projecting.
Remember, there's always the unknown factor. In the early part of the 20th century Picasso was still relatively unknown so maybe Cal's response doesn't seem so over the top in retrospect. Look he's just a rich guy know it all who loves showing off his superior knowledge whenever possible.

But getting back to the topic at hand I wish I knew what was Cameron thinking with that "size matters" repitore. It's just plain tacky!