Bruce Ismay

I suppose. But it's still an obvious wink at the audience. Rose understands that Picasso is great, therefore she is good. Cal mocks it, therefore he is bad. It's just too easy, is all.
Remember, Rose was competing with Cal in the "I'm smarter than you" Olympics. Cal dismisses Picasso's paintings as "fingerpaintings" and is only relieved at how cheap they were to buy. Rose counters with "The difference between Cal's taste and mine is that at least I have some." She describes the paintings as being in a dream--they have truth but no logic. That has to make anyone laugh-- Cal and Rose as frustrated art critics.

And sorry, the Titanic is still not a phallic symbol. Yikes!
The line that bugged me was when Jack and Rose were in the suite and he's so excited to see she has Monets and he says the completely hackneyed "Look at his use of color here!"

That line was just laziness on JC's part. Would it have been so difficult to come up with something better than that for a supposed art enthusiast to say?
Yes, that "color" line is very phony in a tourist-y sort of way. It's like when you hear someone reading out of a cheap guidebook about some building being a good example of Gothic this-and-that. What's more, Rose doesn't even have that great of taste. Anyone who owns Picassos or Monets but never even mentions the master Cezanne must be promiscuous about art.
While thinking about this movie, a thing I always wondered is why was Cameron so negative toward Ismay. The conversation with Smith was changed and he wasn't shown that active on the boat deck compare to real life Ismay(only in the background before he left the ship and the scene with Lowe was cut). Cameron also seem to blame ismay for the low number of lifeboats. I think he could've showed him more active on the boat deck, maybe encouraging rose to get in the lifeboat or being shown helping people get in more?
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