Bruce Ismay's anklet

I have noticed that Jonathan Hyde, playing Bruce Ismay, wears a chain on his right ankle. You can see it in the scene, where he is walking through the first class corridor, when the camera shows his burgundy velvet slippers, and then go up to his face.
If you look very carefully, you can see a silver chain. Does it mean anything? Are there any recalls of Bruce Ismay wearing it? Or was it just a fashion in the 1910’s?

I did not want to post this message in the "Titanic movies" category, because I think you could better answer my question...

Thank you
I'm no fashion expert, but I'm not aware of ankle bracelets being a fshion item for men or women in 1912. Perhaps somebody with a better understanding can shed some light on this.
Hi Vitezslav, you got me curious, so I looked at that exact scene in the movie.

Ismay IS, indeed, without a doubt, wearing a chain anklet on his right foot! You have sharp eyes! Why he is wearing such a thing I don't know. I have never heard of men wearing these back then.
Ankle chains were traditionally 'the mark of the harlot'. Could this be a clue to Ismay's secret 'other life'? Probably not, as professional ladies generally wore their chain on the left foot! :)

Well, considering James Cameron was the director, it was probably a medical ID bracelet in case Hyde got hurt!

. You could be right, Kyrila.​
I agree with you, Michael. When I am watching the movie again and again, I still find some mistakes. I am unable to watch the movie as a norma movie. I just see the mistakes.