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I was wondering if any of Ismay's children/grandchildren are around and what is their view on the Titanic and the events their family played in it. Also are they still a family with wealth, or commons like you and I.

Thank you for your time, Mike Napier
Dear Mike,

I have heard of a nephew of Ismay, but I do not have his contact info. I would have to see if I can get a hold of it.

If you find any relatives let me know, okay?

What is your particular interest in the Ismay's?

Hi all,
Are any of Bruce Ismay's descendnats still alive? I've just looked in "Who's Who" and "Who was Who" (recent editions), but I couldn't find a mention.



Phil Gowan has mentioned being in touch with some members of the family. I also seem to recall a few comments from them reported at the time the Cameron movie came out.
The Ismay family have a London house in St John's Wood, on the same street as the former mansion of the famous Victorian painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema; built originally for him, and in which James Tissot also at one time lived and had his studio. I am Librarian of a Centre within the Hospital only a very few doors away.
Great article there from Phil G!

Very interesting to hear about your close link with both Ismay and Lawrence Alma-Tadema - how many blue plaques are in that street, Donald?
Can anyone recall the name of Ismay's daughter's sister-in-law who died in the Empress of Ireland sinking?

Any info on her would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
Brian Ahern
Never mind. I found it out myself from another post. She was Catherine Beatrice Cheape Cay, sister of Brig. Gen. Ronald Cheape, who was an executor of Bruce Ismay's will and the husband of his daughter Margaret. What a sickening blow it must have been to the family.
Paul Lee - there are many descendents of Bruce that are alive and well. Some live in the North of England, some in the South, and a few in between. There are also some in Scotland.

Persons have to pay a fee to be listed in Who’s Who so if an Ismay is not listed then that could mean they were not interested or possibly not aware of the book. If you want to find an Ismay you must look in earlier editions of the book. If you have ANY questions during your research please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love researching the Ismays and I will be more than happy to help you.
Bruce Ismay has a great grandniece living in Seattle. She's extremely bright, quite attractive, and is looking at a medical career. She knows very little of J. Bruce, though - except that a lot of people don't like him, and that Cameron's film painted him as a corporate slime.
J Bruce Ismay has living direct descendants, but I'm fairly certain that none of them have the Ismay surname.

>>Cameron's film painted him as a corporate slime.<<

I think Cameron has a lot to answer for.
Ok, Hollywood wants to sell a film and to do that Cameron took a real event from history, but in addition to creating fictional characters he twisted events in the lives of real people.
Cameron, as we know, produced a film that was a huge success in terms of revenue, but at the expense of the good reputation of a certain few.
My mother came to the US from the UK many years ago, she has since passed. I was told stories that I was related to Bruce Ismay? How would I verify this? I'm just curious and not very Internet savy....TIA
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