Bruce Ismay's Servants


Did Bruce Ismay ever give any account of the whereabouts of his servants, Wm. Harrison and John Richard Fry, during the sinking? It's hard to imagine him climbing into collapsible boat C and leaving his employees behind on deck, especially since Mr. Fry had a wife and children at home. Was he perhaps separated from his servants during the confusion?

Daniel Rosenshine

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So far as I know and as I read, Mr Ismay made no mention of the whereabouts of his employees during the sinking.

It's quite likely, that since Mr Ismay was so preoccupied with what was going on, that the three men went their own separate ways that night, each meeting their own fate, at their own time.

Dear Ms Milch,

Your last response is the last straw
for me. I am not sure where you came from,
but on this list, we confine ourselves to
reality. If you insist on bludgeoning us
to death with this babble about being
Bruce Ismay, I heartily encourage all my
fellow list members to never mention his
name again out of respect to the man who
you insist upon insulting with your drivel.
You have also not answered my previous
question posted to you....tell me about
the mirror.

Brian Meister
Well said, Brian!

I wonder whether the special tombstone that Ismay provided for Harrison says anything about his conscience. Then again, maybe two more dead employees among so many were a minor detail.
Did not mean to upset you.

I am sorry but I did not see the question posted regarding a mirror. Please re-post this question and I will do my best to answer.

I am nothing but a kind-hearted person not quite like Bruce in 1912 and if someone has a question they would like to ask me about Bruce I am more
than willing to answer, they will get a direct one from me.


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I agree with Dave, well said Brian!

Best regards,

Yeah, where is Senan when you need him? :+D

You won't be needing him, for I am here now. Ya see? But if you guys are rude to me, I won't answer any of your questions.

I like Brian the most, his last response was just the response I was looking for. Someone finally recognized me.



I am so glad to hear that you are a more kind hearted person than Bruce Ismay was in 1912.

Now, I have always wanted to know why Bruce wasn't such a "kind hearted" guy. Why not a "scared", or "panicking" guy

Perhaps you could explain to me in detail what was going through Bruce Ismays unkind heart on the morning of April 15th 1912 in the middle of the North Atlantic.

I thought not.

Please take your simplistic Hollywood inspired nonsense away from here once and for all.

My Dearest Sam,

What was going through my mind the night of April 15th 1912? That I had to help as many people as I possibly could. After I got in the lifeboat I was stricken with numbness at the thought of so many people still onboard... My state of mind deteriorated after that.

Those closest to me saw that I was kind-hearted in nature. I did get scared and I panicked many times over, but never spoke of it.

It is true though that I played my part in the sinking of Titanic, for I should have had 64 lifeboats built on her as Mr. Thomas Andrews had originally requested. That was my grave mistake and believe me, I paid for it dearly.


Bruce Ismay

Philip Hind

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Honoured as we are to have the former chariman of the White Star Line as a member of our little community I think it is perhaps time to stop indulging her(!).

Teri, If you wish to continue posting please do so under you own name and refrain from any further juvenile and uniformed claims to be Bruce Ismay. Believe it if you like but keep it to yourself. You are the umpteenth person, on this board, to have claimed to be reincarnated or whatever from a member of the crew or a passenger but none of these claims have anything to support them.

Inger once made the point that she had been reincarnated from a lowly fireman but who wasn't famous enough or rich enough to make it to a lifeboat and died fighting for his life in the water. How come only the rich get reincarnated it is so damn unfair!

Do not respond to this post, unless you wish to do so privately, this is the end of the Bruce / Teri debate, further discussion on this thread will be about Bruce Ismay's servants.