Bruce Levitt

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Bruce Levitt

Jan 19, 2007
I’ve recently retired and am rekindling some old interests, one being the Titanic. I came across the website recently while searching for information on a pair of Olympic and Titanic reverse paintings on glass. It was great to find such an active community.

My fascination with ocean liners comes via my late father who grew up in New York City in the 1920’s and 30’s. He and his friends loved to watch the great liners come in. One of his favorite memories concerned the arrival of the Normandie on her maiden voyage. My father wanted a close up view of her coming up the Hudson, so he and a buddy rode back and forth on a ferry between Manhattan and New Jersey. Each time the ferry docked, they hid in the restroom, so they wouldn’t have to pay again. They rode for hours until the Normandie finally appeared. My dad said it was one of the most amazing things he ever saw.

In 1938, my father sailed on the Queen Mary and became a lifelong fan. I took him out to see her on his 80th birthday in 2000. He had a ball telling our tour exactly what he had done in each room we visited.

I was lucky enough to accompany my parents on a transatlantic trip in 1956. The Queen Elizabeth to England, and then the Liberte on the return. In the 1960’s, whenever we visited my grandparents in New York, I always spent at least one day at the piers going aboard whichever ships were sailing. I saw many of the great liners of those years. My favorite was the France.

Anyway, I would welcome information on these paintings which I bought about 35 years ago. Hopefully the photo shows up.

My compliments to the people who created this website.

Bruce Levitt

João Carlos Pereira Martins

Hello Bruce! I'm glad to see you joined us!

Your experiences on board those liners appear to be quite exciting.

Enjoy this terrific site and share your knowledge with our amazing posters.

Hope to see you around.

Kind greetings,
João Martins
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