Bruce Tompkins

Jul 4, 2007
Hello, I have been a Titanic buff most of my life, except when little things like marriage and job and children and home got in the way. I am a member of THS (Titanic Historical Society), TIS
(Titanic International Society), BTS (British Titanic Society), and NPS (Nomadic Preservation Society). The Nomadic was a tender which carried passengers to the Olympic-class ships from Cherbourg harbor, and is the LAST vessel of the now-defunct White Star Line. I have been to several conventions, have met Millvina Dean in 1998 (the last of the Titanic survivors), and Barbara Anderson McDermott twice in 2000 and 2001 (one of the last-known survivors of the Lusitania sinking). I was instrumental in the placing of a grave marker at the grave of little Mary (Maria)
Nackid, the 1st Titanic survivor to die. I have also met Ken Marschall, Don Lynch and Dr. Robert Ballard. I have seen many of the salvaged artifacts at RMS Titanic exhibits, and many other
pre-discovery artifacts in various museums, including the Titanic museum at THS headquarters in Indian Orchard, MA., the Mariner's museum in
Norfolk, VA, and Titanic the Ship of Dreams exhibit in Orlando, FL. I have a nice collection of ship artifacts, but because no one out in the Phoenix area has any interest, no one has ever
seen them. I would like to continue going to
Titanic museums and conventions and would like someday to dive to the wreck itself, before it
collapses on itself.

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