BTS 2006


Shane Kurup

Hi Guys,

Long time no see! Hope you are all well. I was just wondering what the details were for the BTS 2006 convention. I can't seem to find any information about it, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough! I have heard a rumour that it is being held in liverpool this year, in the Adelphi hotel. Is this true? I live just 5 minutes from the Adelphi in the city centre, as I now reside half the year in liverpool being a student here. Any information you could give me would be appreciated. Geoff? where are you?!

Shane Kurup
Hoping to see you both there
I've booked already, and I know some of the usual suspects will be there as well.

Shane, a few of us are going up a day early and will be there on the Thurs - as you're a local, care to join us for dinner?
Hi everyone,

I may be ferrying across the Mersey at convention time as I do believe I am destined to visit my ''outlaws'' in Birkenhead.
I shall look forward to meeting up with some of you if it comes off.

All the best,

Hi Inger,

Of course I would love to join you all for dinner. It seems like a decade since I've seen you. Do you have a place in mind or will you take the risk and throw yourselves at my mercy?! (He he he...;-)) I know a most of the good restaurants and ALL the bars in the city! regards,

Ooops...sorry Shane, I just caught your message! D'oh! I'll email you. David, hope to see you in the American Bar (is it still called that?) sometime after arrival.

Less than a month to go now...two weeks tomorrow until I fly out. I'm looking forward to seeing old mates and meeting new ones. Anyone interested in the get togethers outside of the 'official' convention can drop me a line if they like.

I'm still putting the finishing touches to the itin, but at this stage it's a mad dash all over the UK to see as many folks as possible embarking on the South Pole expedition.
Hello Inger,

It appears that mother-in-law still wants us to visit her in Birkenhead that week so I shall certainly get away and leave the women to their shopping.
I shall get the tube on Friday 21st April and see what's going on at the ''Adelphi.''
Incidently, is the American Bar in the hotel ?
Hope to see you there,

All the best,

G'day David! Intensive research (**coff** - I got around to looking at the website) reveals that it is still called the American Bar...and yes, it is located in the Adelphi. Hope it's big enough to accomodate us all...! If not, how are the new closing time laws applied in Liverpool? It'll be less of a stagger to the pubs there.
Hi Inger,

I think you'll find the new licensing laws are very relaxed with many pubs and clubs staying open until the early hours, especially at weekends.
Far too late for me these days as once my back teeth are awash, and I've ''spun my last yarn'' I develop a state of hor's de combat and fall asleep!!
Hopefully some of us will meet in the American Bar, Friday lunchtime.

hullo everyone!
I had a lovely time and it was a pleasure to meet so many of you (especially you David, I was the younger of the two ladies sitting with Inger.)

Also wonderful to meet, you Shane

Hope to talk with you all soon.
Zapping in briefly - am at Chateau Molony in Dublin. Photos will be posted once I get back to Oz - including some of the very gorgeous Hattie.
I wondered when that'd appear!
Not the most erudite critique of the blasted thing - but true all the same!