BTS 2007 Halifax Nova Scotia

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I, for one, am looking ahead, as I would like to return to Halifax, next April. This time it will be great to see some of the Listmembers who will be attending, including Shelley & Mike.

I will probably cash in some American Airlines miles for a round-trip ticket to Toronto, and then fly between Toronto and Halifax, likely on Air Canada.
For me, the issue is traveling from the West Coast, so that even leaving early in the morning, from LAX, it's quite late when I arrive in Halifax. In April 2001 I made it a point to arrive a day early, for the THS Convention, allow time to relax, see some of the sites, then meet others arriving that day.
This time I'll probably do a stay-over in Toronto, then catch an early AM flight to Halifax, and meet the BTS people who should be arriving around that time.

I'm just going to need the information on room rates at the hotel and Convention registration.

I'm starting this as a separate topic, since a related thread, "BTS 2007 HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA" is not working right now. I've received the error message when I try to open it.
Damn, I would love to go, but there will be a little thing called college.

Someday, though. And come hell or high water, I won't miss 2012. Maybe I'll be able to find some journalistic excuse to go...

I'll try to visit Halifax someday. I've never been father than Toronto, and even before my Titanic reasons for wanting to visit, Nova Scotia and PE Island and places have seemed very interesting.

Jason D. Tiller

I'm seriously considering attending next year's convention, as it would be great to be in Halifax for the 95th anniversary. Plus, I've been dying to return for research purposes and because I love the city, and it's people; since I was there in April 2001 for my first Titanic convention. As John said, it would be great to meet some of the members from the other societies.

Hi Lucy,


I've never been father than Toronto

I hope you enjoyed your time while you were here. Did you know that we have some Titanic connections here in the city?​

João Carlos Pereira Martins

I would love to go, but, besides I need my parents permission , I subscribe what Lucy said (unfortunately) because I attend high school and I'm 7000 kilometers far from there, on the opposite side of the Atlantic.
I didn't know that, Jason! It's actually been a few years since I've been to Toronto (certainly long before I paid attention to Titanic), but I have been to Port Colburne, Ontario every summer but one for as long as I can remember. I might miss this year, though. That makes me sad...Care to enlighten me about the Toronto Titanic connections?

It's a drag to be in school AND too far away, eh Joao? Oh well, we'll get our chance I think!
Just had an email from the saying that is all ready for my trip to Halifax. They have sent a booking reference number and say I paid by cash, and my flight and everything is confirmed.

One small problem - I never booked it! I only emailed them in January for an itinerary - which I never got. This all seems very odd!!
Had a phone call - the email was sent in error. Thought for a moment my wife Liz had booked it as a surprise for me.

Anyway we are going to Ramsgate for the weekend to the Titanic U.K. International convention.

I wonder what would have happened if I had gone along to the Airport - after all I had the booking reference number?
First off,

I arrived yesterday evening (left Los Angeles at 7:00 AM); am at the Delta Barrington Hotel, and am looking forward to seeing everyone who's coming, tomorrow afternoon.

Shelley, I will look for the hard copy of that article. There is also one about the HALIFAX residents, Hilda Slayter and George Wright. I read the piece about Hilda Slayter and started the one about George Wright.
Hi John- sure wish I was with you all. Hope you will be able to post with updates on the weekend events when you get a chance. It's the next best thing to being there!

Keep us advised, John.
Will do my best, Mark & Shelley, and will save the article about Hilda Slayter and George Wright.

Tomorrow I will check at the Marriott for the times of the activities. The Marriott is accross the street from the Delta Barrington Hotel, with the skywalk to connect us.​

Jason D. Tiller



Yes, brilliant! I wish I could be there with you and everyone else, John, but you understand my reason for not being able to attend as originally planned.

Thank you for posting the links to the articles. Have a wonderful time and please keep us posted!​
Best wishes from Ireland to John Clifford and all attending the Halifax Convention this weekend. Any gathering of like-minded people generates wonderful opportunities for lasting friendships
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